Sunday, February 27, 2011 - 'What Mountain Bike' Review of Giant Anthem X 29'er & Giant XtC 29'er

Check out this recent What Mountain Bike Review of the Giant Anthem X 29'er and XtC 29'er.


Giant's new Anthem X 29'er & XtC 29'er take a spin in What Mountain Bike

Giant's new 29'ers were taken for a spin in January What Mountain Bike and the results were... FAST!

First up the all-new Anthem X 29'er. Testers were keen to know if big wheels could make "Giant's legendary Anthem X even faster on tough technical terrain" - and with 4.5 stars it equalled the Giant Anthem X's 4.5 stars originally awarded when it launched back in 2008 to critical acclaim!

Tester Guy Kesteven thinks the Anthem X 29'er will be the bike to beat in 2011; "Giant's new XC diesel is the potential game changer that may convert UK trail riders to 29in wheels in significant numbers."

"Probably the best ready-to-roll skill, fitness and confidence amplifier available"

Next up - 2011 XtC 29'er. Having ridden the 2010 XtC 29'er testers were keen to see how the bike has improved in 2011 - and Giant's P-XC2 rims were key in the XtC 29'er earning 4stars; "Giant's 29'er hardtail get's new rolling stock to make a good ride truly great"

The Overdrive headtube, tapered steerer Fox QR15 fork and wide, flat Giant bars made for a twist free and precise handling front end and the outstanding ride quality meant that out on test "you could almost hear the purr from whoever switched to the Giant".

"Whatever handling, control, confidence or speed criteria you're marking it on, the XtC is the best shop-ready big-wheeled hardtail here...this fast yet capable ride is the best off-the-peg alloy hardtail we've ridden."

Looking to try out Giant's new 29'ers? Why not come along to The Demo Series - the first event is on 26th February at Bedgbury - more details are on The Demo Series website which you can view by clicking here . - remember you need photo id, a bank card and a helmet to ride.