Tuesday, March 03, 2015 - New "Giant " shop on Hills Road.

A few points regarding new "Giant" shop on Hills Road.

People think they are dealing direct with Giant.You are not.You are dealing with Cambridge Station Cycles who Giant have teamed up with to provide the "Giant World Experience"!!

You will always get a better deal from me.I can supply all the Giant bikes and will always give you the best price (unless one shop has bought up all the special offers on any one model)

Remember I have been selling Giant bikes here in Cambridge for 11 years.I have sold many thousands of them and more familiar with the company than anyone in Cambridge.

Remember you are dealing with me not an employee.This is my business and I take pride in what I do and the skill and knowledge I have built up over nearly 20 years working my bike business.

Remember when it comes to service I will always look after you.If you support me I support you.Very important you know especially as I have told you I can price match anyone.You then get the best of both worlds.

Anyway enough.Hopefully the sensible amongst you will understand what I am talking about.
Hopefully I will still sell Giant bikes to you !!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 - Fahrrad Manufaktur T Belt

Take a look at the new Fahrrad Manufaktur T Belt.You have all heard of the guy who cycled round the world on one of these belt driven machines. Well here is a model from Fahrrad.

I have sold one of these this week and both customer and myself were overwhelmed by the quality, silence and sense of such a bike.They are not cheap at 1399 euros but fantastic value.

Sunday, August 05, 2012 - Fahrrad manufaktur. Rabeneick, Epple and Kreidler.

German Fahrrad  Manufaktur T100 bike with 8 speed nexus gear box, nexus hub dynamo with standlights and all stainless fixingsGerman Fahrrad  Manufaktur T100 bike with 8 speed nexus gear box, nexus hub dynamo with standlights and all stainless fixingsGerman Fahrrad  Manufaktur T100 bike with 8 speed nexus gear box, nexus hub dynamo with standlights and all stainless fixingsGerman Fahrrad  Manufaktur T100 bike with 8 speed nexus gear box, nexus hub dynamo with standlights and all stainless fixings

Pics above of the Fahrrad T100 with 8 speed nexus gear box, nexus hub dynamo with standlights and all stainless fixings.Gorgeous bike.

Rabeneick Vabene ProRabeneick Vabene ProRabeneick Vabene Pro

With the advent of Tax free cycling to work now is the time for people in the U.K to invest in proper city commuting / trekking bikes.For a price of £450 -£3000 you can own a cycle from what I consider to be one of the top three German made brands--namely VSF Fahrradmanufaktur.These are German made or should I say engineered machines which are both stunning to look at and ride.I brought a selection of these from Germany in 2001 and they are still going strong after years of continual use!

The other brands are all under the same umbrella and I would also advise buying from the Rabeneick range too--particularly Vabene Elite and Pro models for use in and around Cambridge. (By the way the pictures are of the Rabeneick Vabene Pro)

Fahrrad are typically steel frames but more in the quality of British bikes of the past ---the sort of bikes you all hanker after but perhaps find a bit pricey.Well now with the excellent incentives for cycling to work you can easily afford these Kings and Queens of modern cycling!

Take a look at their websites and see for yourselves and please contact me for prices and advice!


If you want to come and see or ride the bikes I have many of them in stock .I have the fahrrad T100 in 8 speed hub and multi geared options.I have the T200 and 300.I also have the S200 and S300 citybikes.You will be impressed by the superior quality.
I have the T400's in 8 speed 27 speed XT gearing and 24 speed Deore/alivio guise.
As of now(02/02/11) I have more of a range than ever.I have a great selection of ladies commuter bikes with 3 ,7 and 8 speed hub gears.All with hub dynamos,some with fully enclosed chainguards.Also great selection of gents commuters.Come and have a ride!
Soon to arrive will be the new T600 with shimano 11 speed alfine gearing,the new T-belt now with the same 11 speed gearing and chainguard and T400 and T900 with Rohloff 14 speeds.the T400 rohloff is proving to be so popular that the company can not keep up with demand at present.As I write (05/03/11)the next batch will be available in April.

Sunday, August 05, 2012 - More reviews and info on Fahrrad Manufaktur.......

I have taken some more pictures of the German bikes I sell.I have also extended the amount of models that I sell.

The Fahrrad Manufaktur bikes start with the T50 model which really is fantastic value for money!I have the T50 in multi geared option or hub geared either 7 or 8 speed.To the left is the hub geared 7 speed with fully enclosed chainglider chainguard,hub dynamo with standlight at rear and powerful halogen front light.

Sunday, August 05, 2012 - Fahrrad Manufaktur.

Some more pics of the Fahrrad Manufaktur bikes that I sell here in Cambridge.

Pics here of the Fahrrad Manufaktur rear led with standlight and fully enclosed chainguard/front hub dynamo.

Fahrrad Manufaktur front hub dynamoFahrrad Manufaktur fully enclosed chainguardFahrrad Manufaktur rear led  with standlight

Fahrrad Manufaktur T100 24 speed.
Fahrrad Manufaktur T100 24 speed.

Fahrrad Manufaktur T50 with chainglider chainguard 7 speed hub gear.
Fahrrad Manufaktur T50 with chainglider chainguard 7 speed hub gear.

The superb Fahrrad Manufaktur S300 with 8 speed hub gear.
The superb Fahrrad Manufaktur S300 with 8 speed hub gear.

Fahrrad Manufaktur Kreidler 3 speed with hub dynamo lighting system. Great value at under £400.
Fahrrad Manufaktur Kreidler 3 speed with hub dynamo lighting system.

Other Fahrrad Manufaktur bikes we have for sale in Girton (Cambridge).
Fahrrad Manufaktur bikes we have for sale

Sunday, February 27, 2011 - 'What Mountain Bike' Review of Giant Anthem X 29'er & Giant XtC 29'er

Check out this recent What Mountain Bike Review of the Giant Anthem X 29'er and XtC 29'er.


Giant's new Anthem X 29'er & XtC 29'er take a spin in What Mountain Bike

Giant's new 29'ers were taken for a spin in January What Mountain Bike and the results were... FAST!

First up the all-new Anthem X 29'er. Testers were keen to know if big wheels could make "Giant's legendary Anthem X even faster on tough technical terrain" - and with 4.5 stars it equalled the Giant Anthem X's 4.5 stars originally awarded when it launched back in 2008 to critical acclaim!

Tester Guy Kesteven thinks the Anthem X 29'er will be the bike to beat in 2011; "Giant's new XC diesel is the potential game changer that may convert UK trail riders to 29in wheels in significant numbers."

"Probably the best ready-to-roll skill, fitness and confidence amplifier available"

Next up - 2011 XtC 29'er. Having ridden the 2010 XtC 29'er testers were keen to see how the bike has improved in 2011 - and Giant's P-XC2 rims were key in the XtC 29'er earning 4stars; "Giant's 29'er hardtail get's new rolling stock to make a good ride truly great"

The Overdrive headtube, tapered steerer Fox QR15 fork and wide, flat Giant bars made for a twist free and precise handling front end and the outstanding ride quality meant that out on test "you could almost hear the purr from whoever switched to the Giant".

"Whatever handling, control, confidence or speed criteria you're marking it on, the XtC is the best shop-ready big-wheeled hardtail here...this fast yet capable ride is the best off-the-peg alloy hardtail we've ridden."

Looking to try out Giant's new 29'ers? Why not come along to The Demo Series - the first event is on 26th February at Bedgbury - more details are on The Demo Series website which you can view by clicking here . - remember you need photo id, a bank card and a helmet to ride.

Sunday, February 27, 2011 - Giant Defy Advanced 1 Review in Bikeradar

BikeRadar just gave the Giant Defy Advanced 1 a great 4 star review. Have a look for yourself!


"Looks expensive on paper, but the sublime ride quality and outstanding performance of the Defy on the road makes it a price well worth paying"

As their name suggests, Giant are one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers, producing bikes for many other firms as well as their own. They’ve certainly kept the best of their carbon expertise for themselves to create the outstanding ride quality of the Defy Advanced, though.

Super-stiff, it has an appetite for altitude gain that gives you the legs of a pro on every climb. The fact it'll cruise comfortably with luxurious poise all day is recommendation enough, but when the hammer goes down, it's simply in a different class to other bikes at this price.

Ride & handling: Superb smooth yet speedy ride from the state-of-the-art frame

We got a shock when we pulled out the Defy Advanced 1's fork to weigh it. Instead of a tapered steerer, Giant have used a slim centre tube, with a separate sleeve bonded in place over it to take the lower race. The crown is also alloy rather than carbon which makes it disappointingly heavy for the money. Combined with the skinny tips, we thought we'd unearthed a real Achilles heel.

Given how boringly competent most modern bikes are, we never miss a chance to put the knife in to an exposed wound. As a result, we threw the Defy straight into the most evil, rippled, switchbacked, tightening turn descents we know to try and unsettle it. The result was an occasional wide line and a slightly less accurate, more approximate feel than the fatter-bladed race forks used on Giant's TCR bikes, but certainly nothing nasty.

Our disappointment was doubled by the fact there was no trace of the extra fork weight in the Defy’s appetite for altitude gain. On the contrary, this bike climbs with a muscular authority that none of the price rivals we rode it alongside could match. Its stiffness seems to always keep you over the front of the gear and accelerating rather than struggling to get over the top. The result is a sense of real depth to its speed and potential, which everyone who rode it tapped into straight away.

On bad days it was enough to keep us from being dropped out of the back of the test pack, on good days it was like someone had lent us a set of pro legs to play with on every climb. Given that the weights of the wheels and frame are at best on par with other bikes at this price, we can only presume that this undeniable and quite clear performance advantage comes from the construction of the frame and the top-quality wheel build.

As well as propulsion, the Defy frame also demonstrates its class in sheer ride quality. It’s hard to characterise, and unless you ride the Advanced 1 back to back with the competition, you might think we’re being really 'princess and pea' about this. But there’s a properly luxurious feel about the Giant. It’s no spongy limo ride and rough sections and holes can still be felt clearly, but the way it interacts with you and the road just feels fantastic.

Frame & equipment: High price for a Shimano 105 bike, and not particularly light

While the tall head tube and fairly long wheelbase mark this bike out as a comfort-oriented cruiser, the Defy uses exactly the same ‘Advanced’ carbon fibre blend and construction techniques as Giant's TCR race bikes. This includes the ‘OverDrive’ tapered 1.125-1.25in head tube and fork construction, and the press-fit ‘Powercore’ oversized bottom bracket. The triangulated down tube and seat tube also swell at the bottom bracket for maximum stiffness. The seat tube rapidly slims to a teardrop section with a wheel-hugging cutout at the rear.

A matching aero seat tube slots into the red anodised twin bolt collar on top. The broad, flat top tube curves subtly towards the seat cluster with a stout-looking wishbone box section leading into subtly curved triangular seatstays. Tapered rectangular chainstays complete the buff-looking frame circuit. Detailing is good too, with lightweight red anodised bottle bolts and top cap matching the seat collar and slotted cable adjusters on the head tube, stopping cable rub.

On paper the Defy Advanced 1 is relatively expensive for a Shimano 105-equipped bike and heavy too, although we’ve no complaints about the performance. DT Swiss R1800 wheels and big volume Michelin tyres underline the impressively tight and responsive, but not overly rigid, ride quality. Fi'zi:k’s Aliante saddle is super-comfortable, however far you ride, and Giant’s bar and stem are good quality gear too.